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Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT program)


Medication Assited Treatment 

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) combines both medication and behavioral therapy to address substance use disorders.

HHG Health offers comprehensive MAT programs at the Rt 60 Medical Plaza, St Albans, Chapmanville and Louisa location. HHG Health also providers comprehensive MAT and detox services at Huntington Addiction Wellness Center (HAWC ) located at 1236 5th Ave, Huntington, WV 25701. Participants in these programs are prescribed maintenance therapy medication along with substance abuse counseling. All patients are individually assessed to determine the most appropriate plan of care. Various therapy options are available including Buprenorphine based treatments and Vivitrol program. 


It is the mission of the providers within HHG Health MAT program to provide the highest quality in addiction services to those willing to seek treatment and pursue and improved quality of life.

We believe every person should be respected and treated with dignity. We value and believe in the possibilities of hope and hard work.

Employment work opportunities are available through our HAWC program located on 5th Ave. 

Program Requirements


Potential participants must undergo a screening process designed to help the treatment team assess the needs of each individual. For a full list of requirements, refer to our policies and procedures. 

  1. All potential participants will be scheduled for a mental health assessment with a licensed behavioral health provider and an initial assessment with a program physician or physician extender. Initial assessments will include a physical exam, urine toxicology and laboratory screenings.

  2. Once admitted, participants are required to engage in weekly group therapy and medication management for first 90 days of the program. 

  3. If deemed appropriate based on Urine Toxicology, medication adherence & counseling compliance, participants may be moved to phase 2 (biweekly appointments) after the 90 days in the program. 

  4. If deemed appropriate, at a minimum of 12 months, participants may be eligible to move to a third phase of the program where medication management and therapy sessions occur every 3 weeks.

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